No Longer Niche

"Natural", "Fresh", "Healthy", these food trends are no longer niche as health conscious consumers are driving mainstream demand for cleaner labeled, minimally processed and fresh food options. In response, food manufacturers and formulators are seeking alternative ingredients to incorporate into their foods. At Agro BioSciences we are meeting this demand by utilizing the power of natural fermentation to develop cultured food ingredients that help enhance the flavor and maintain the quality of foods. Whether you're a food manufacture, formulator or marketer, utilizing cultured ingredients and know-how from Agro BioSciences can help you compete in this growing industry segment and boost your bottom line.


Consistently Delicious

Our bioVONTAGE range of cultured dextrose and whey-based products help food manufacturers capitalize on the growing opportunities in the food industry. Manufactured in the United States, these products are produced using generally recognized as safe (GRAS) bacteria with a long safe history of use in food. Minimally processed through a natural and controlled fermentation, our products are produced with quality ingredients that do not contain allergens*, or genetically modified (GMO) materials.

*Whey contains dairy allergens.


Quality and Transparency

At Agro BioSciences we understand that in order to meet the ever rising standards in the food industry we need to provide high quality ingredients that are manufactured in state of the art facilities.  To ensure we are meeting these standards we rely on third party audits for raw materials and manufacturing processes, while providing industry leading transparency to help our customers understand our process and ingredients so they can feel confident choosing bioVONTAGE for their trusted brands.