Perspectives from Under the Arch….

Screen_Shot_2016-08-22_at_12.25.36_PM.pngPerspectives from Under the Arch….

The International Associations of Food Protection (IAFP) held its 2016 Annual Meeting and Trade Show a couple weeks ago in St. Louis, Missouri.  Like previous years, the symposia, roundtables and technical session were a blend of Academic, Regulatory and Industry leaders discussing the latest in microbial food safety and related human health issues. 

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Clean Label Trends

02A15259There is no standard definition of Clean Label (much like natural but at an earlier stage) but in short, you can think of Clean Label foods as minimally processed, containing no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or anything else consumers cannot pronounce or don’t understand why it's in their food. A Clean Label food has a relatively short ingredient list (somewhere between 7-10 seems to be a reasonable cutoff). Other taboos for Clean Label often include GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones. 

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BioVONTAGE™, a new cultured ingredient

dipsBioVONTAGE™, a new cultured ingredient product-line focuses on enhancing the flavor and maintaining the quality of fresh prepared foods

August 2016 (Milwaukee) – Agro BioSciences, Inc, a biotechnology company focused on innovative microbial research, announced today the launch of a new business division focusing on enhancing the “Microbial Terroir” that impacts the freshness, flavor, and quality of food.

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Bacteria: The Missing Link to Improved Human Health & Wellness

Picture1Consumers will pay a premium price for health foods and beverages because they are packed with nutrients that promise to limit disease, improve cardiovascular health, and decrease bone loss. But nutrient intakes alone won’t deliver these benefits — the microbial environment in the end user’s gut is the deciding factor.

Does this come as a surprise? It may, actually, to many. 

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Agro BioSciences: Announces the addition of Dr. Doug Willrett, Ph.D

Doug WillrettAgro BioSciences announces the addition of Dr. Doug Willrett, Ph.D. Dr. Willrett will be responsible for the company’s Polyphenol Biotransformation Platform and the further research and development of products that will be introduced to select markets for improving human health and wellness.

Dr. Willrett brings over 30 years of experience to Agro BioSciences having worked in the food industry in both scientific and marketing roles throughout his career. 


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