chickens and turkeys thriving on direct-fed micribials

Producing a Flock that Rocks.

Poultry producers face many challenges that are unique to them. And they vary from farm to farm as well as from flock to flock. At Agro BioSciences, we provide microbial solutions that are as customized as your operation, analyzing the conditions as they exist and providing the proactive solutions to take them where they need to go. From pathogen control to other pressing issues, we’ll craft the microbial solutions that solve your problems. And then we’ll refine them, using our expertise in the lab to create a boost in your bottom line.

Direct-Fed Microbials

While birds of a feather may flock together, pathogens are far less particular. They can strike any flock at any time with varying levels of intensity. That's why we offer direct-fed microbials like APEC APP, custom blended from a library of different Bacillus strains to reduce the levels of Avian Pathogenic E. coli in your specific flock.

Environmental Products

We all want better water quality. But recent moves to reduce the impact of litter on the environment have caused countless headaches for producers, from higher ammonia levels to an increase in foot scabs. By using a Bacillus-based feed alternative, we can address all of these issues, creating drier litter conditions that lowers in-house ammonia levels and creates a better working environment.

differentiating the microorganisms that hurt production from those that enhance it

A Better Understanding

Through research, we can explore the microbial terroir of your flock, differentiating the microorganisms that hurt production from those that enhance it.

advanced molecular biological techniques to map the gastrointestinal tract

Advanced Techniques

Using advanced molecular biological techniques, we can map out the complex microbial terroir that shapes the gastrointestinal tract — and enhance it — improving the attributes that matter most.

Bascillus microbes that enhance production

Specialized Solutions

We don’t believe in generic solutions. At Agro BioSciences we partner with you, unleashing our product development specialists on your problems to find singular solutions that work.

chickens thriving on direct-fed microbials

Ultimate Control

By partnering with food producers and manufacturers at every level, we can enhance the microbial terroir at every stage, creating foods that are delicious, nutritious and safe.